Spot4U MLBS platform Spot4U is a Location-Based, Social Networking and Local Searching application for Mobile Smart Phones and WEB, which displays in a map Points Of Interest (POI) by using dynamic characteristics. Pharmacies, Doctors, Bars, Restaurants, Cinema, Theater, live events etc. that take place close to the users’ position, or anywhere he selects. The user can also display further details for the POI, users’ comments, call directly the POI or get directions to the POI the user selected. The system is currently available for mobile phones with Android OS, iOS (iphone, ipad ipod) and Mobile Windows OS. Spot4U Version for Symbian OS and Windows Phone 7 is currently under development.
Basic Characteristics • Available information is linked with the current position of the user, or any other positions he selects to search for. Selection of data displayed is based in user defined criteria (for example, lower price for gas stations, product pricing for Super Markets, Open Pharmacies etc). When a POI is selected, the user can call directly to the venue, or get directions from the built in navigator. Discounts or offers close to the POI can be displayed, based on users characteristics, previous search profile or favorites list. The user can select the perimeter (in Km) that such information will be displayed. • The advertising platform allows the display of banners based on various criteria such us: Users current position, users historical positions, categories selected, search profile, friends search profile, wish list, favorites list, transaction history. Spot4U design allows for User Communities creation in order to interchange comments, create competitions, bargain discounts, share favorite places or track offers and discounts.
Special Characteristics • Integration with ERP tools so that merchants and other professionals can interact with their existing or prospect customers and doing REAL business transactions and not only marketing. • Booking applications, calendar applications, and vertical business tools for professionals that want to extend a marketing tool in to real business. (Online appointments for doctors, hotel booking etc) • Professional services from our partners by developing custom professional tools through NCA’s Business framework. Smart Phones as an active business device whether scanning a barcode and directly adding to wish list or pay for special products and services through mobile payments. • Spot4u you is the only multichannel platform that can streamline a mobile supply chain from making new customers to delivering the product or service in a unique environment. A merchant or small venue can start making business in a few minutes with minimum cost.